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Army JROTC units may purchase the sergeants' text using their IMPAC cards.

IDA, Inc - Self Paced Text

We are honored that Written Communication for Sergeants: A Self-Paced Text has been selected as an approved elective for the U.S. Army's JROTC Program. We also thank Donna Rice - Chief of Education, Training and Operations for the U.S. Army - for her strong endorsement of the book. Cadets using the text will improve their writing skills and be better prepared for the standardized tests that evaluate those skills.


"User friendly! Clear directions and examples. Could serve as a refresher course for all levels."

- An educator on How To Write Clear Sentences


Who We Are

Individual Development Associates, Inc., (IDA) offers quality training and educational programs and products at a reasonable price. Founded in 1977, IDA is a small woman-owned business with a specialty in oral and written communications; management; and self-improvement. For the past twenty-five years, we have provided courses tailored to meet the needs of our military, government, and corporate clients. We also produce self-paced materials suitable for a wide variety of audiences ranging from the busy professional to the high-school student. As our name suggests, our goal for each client is individual improvement. In keeping with this goal, we offer small class size and programs that can be tailored to meet individual needs.

What We Do

We can ensure that you listen to better briefings, read better organized reports, mediate fewer disputes, and enjoy increased productivity. Those who attend our training sessions and use our educational products leave with enhanced self-confidence, sharpened skills, up-to-date information, and a long-range self-improvement plan.

Our Products

We have over fifty off-the-shelf courses available, ranging from eight hours of Painless Punctuation to sixteen hours of Time Management to twenty-four hours of Business Writing to thirty-two hours of Technical Writing or Technical Briefing. Because our courses are arranged in instractional modules, we can customize any one of them to meet an organization's particular needs.

We also offer self-paced texts in writing skills. Currently available are:

  • Written Communication for Sergeants: A Self-Paced Text (ISBN 1-930765-00-2)
  • How to Write Clear Sentences: A Self-Paced Text (ISBN 1-930765-04-5).

Coming this spring is How to Write Clear Paragraphs: A Self-Paced Text.


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